1. covid-19
    What We Do and Don’t Know About the Omicron VariantThe variant is now the most common strain in the U.S. and appears well on its way to becoming dominant worldwide.
  2. politics
    Ted Cruz (Mistakenly) Touts His 2024 Presidential OddsThe senator noted that “historically the runner-up is almost always the next nominee.” It’s a common but untrue hypothesis.
  3. politics
    Thanks for Freezing Student Loan Payments. Now Cancel the Debt.The president can’t evade this problem forever.
  4. covid-19
    Where to Get Home COVID Tests and Why They’re So Hard to FindBiden said free home COVID tests won’t be available until January. Here are your current options, where to buy them, and why they’re often sold out.
  5. joe manchin
    Could Joe Manchin Really Switch Parties?The senator may become a Republican one day, but giving up the enormous leverage he holds over Democrats right now makes little sense.
  6. omicron
    Biden Can Fight Omicron Without Ruining ChristmasThe president has several untapped tools for containing the virus without impinging on the median voter’s personal liberty or sense of normalcy.
  7. politics
    The Truth About Joe ManchinHe says he has to explain his opposition to “the people.” That’s not who he’s serving.
  8. omicron
    The Great American Testing CrunchHow it happened, what to do about it, and when it might end.
  9. covid-19
    What We Know About Omicron in New YorkThe worrisome new variant is believed to be fueling a record-breaking spike in new COVID-19 cases among New Yorkers.
  10. republicans
    Will the ‘Post-Trump Era’ Ever Begin?Considering a potential retirement over Senate leadership, Republican John Thune may be realizing that politics after Trump is actually far away.
  11. census bureau
    New York State Population Fell by Over 300,000 This YearCensus data shows that the Empire State had the largest population loss of any state, as U.S. population growth slowed to a crawl during the pandemic.
  12. joe manchin
    What Do Progressives Hope to Gain From Bashing Manchin?The idea that Democrats can take Manchin to the woodshed back home in West Virginia betrays a very poor understanding of that state’s Trumpy politics.
  13. covid
    White House Decides to Send Free COVID Tests to Americans After AllBetter late than never.
  14. 2022 midterms
    California May Help Democrats Curb 2022 LossesThe results of the Golden State’s redistricting process could endanger GOP incumbents, offsetting Democrats’ expected U.S. House losses.
  15. first feline
    I’ll Believe We’re Getting a White House Cat When I See ItMy president told me we were getting a cat. All I have right now is a new puppy and more promises.
  16. joe manchin
    The Democratic Agenda Dies of DelusionsManchin’s views are fallacious and classist. But they’ve also been crystal clear, and the Democratic leadership willfully ignored them.
  17. january 6
    Gina. Rosanne. Guy.What three January 6 insurrectionists wanted — and what they lost.
  18. politics
    Despite Iowa-Caucus Debacle, 2024 Process Probably Won’t ChangeThe earlier impetus for change among Democrats angry at the 2020 Iowa-caucus meltdown seems to be fading as the party has bigger problems to address.
  19. business
    Omicron and Manchin Nudge Economy Into ‘the Unknown’Wall Street is not loving all the pandemic and legislative uncertainty right now.
  20. the national interest
    Biden Should Take Manchin’s Deal Right NowPolitics is about making things better, not speaking truth to power.
  21. vaccines
    Trump: Getting Vaccinated Helps Own the LibsThe former president said he got a booster shot and that vaccine skeptics are doing Democrats’ work for them.
  22. politics
    Feeling the Heat, Trump Sues to Block Fraud InquiryHe accuses Tish James of violating his rights by looking into the business practices of the Trump Organization.
  23. first person
    My Penis, a Love StoryI didn’t need a penis to be a man. But I needed one to be me.
  24. politics
    Manchin’s Sudden Spike of Build Back Better Act Draws White House RebukeThe senator is apparently pulling the plug on the massive social policy and climate legislation, infuriating fellow Democrats.
  25. the national interest
    Did Joe Manchin Just Kill Joe Biden’s Domestic Agenda?Maybe. Or the conservative Democrat might just be negotiating again.
  26. covid-19
    New York’s Hospitals Are WaitingWhat they think about the arrival of Omicron.
  27. politics
    Max Rose Wants a RematchCan the Democrat get elected again in the city’s Trump stronghold?
  28. omicron
    Nihilism Is the Other VariantWe’re all tired, but we can’t surrender.
  29. congress
    Senate Democrats Give Up, Go Home for the HolidaysDespite talk of passing Build Back Better and voting-rights legislation by the end of 2021, the session ends not with a bang but a whimper.
  30. the national interest
    Trump Claims Israel Controlled Congress, Jews Run the New York TimesThe most anti-Semitic president in history strikes again.
  31. politics
    Could Trump Really Depose Mitch McConnell?It’s hard to imagine Republicans denying Donald Trump anything he demanded, but ousting Mitch McConnell as GOP leader won’t be easy.
  32. student debt
    3 Ways Biden Can Aid Borrowers As Student Loan Repayment RestartsThe president can do a lot to relieve the debt burden. But it’s unclear whether he will.
  33. politics
    Trump’s Great EscapeDays before January 6, he was caught in a scheme to commit election fraud. A year later, there’s no sign the Justice Department is even investigating.
  34. covid-19
    De Blasio Boosts Testing, Offers Free Masks As Omicron SurgesThe mayor vowed that people waiting in long testing lines will be provided a free self-testing kit to take home.
  35. shock horror
    Two Drab Photos Are Endangering Boris Johnson’s CareerBojo is losing some of his mojo.
  36. voting rights
    Democrats Are Cruising for a Bruising on Voting RightsIf Biden and his party raise expectations on voting rights legislation that they cannot fulfill, the repercussions could be serious in 2022.
  37. the city politic
    Bill de Blasio Did What New Yorkers WantedYet as the mayor prepares to leave office, he remains stubbornly unpopular.
  38. crime
    The Jeffrey Epstein Mystery RoundtableSix experts on the most intriguing and dangerous unanswered questions about the case.
  39. house freedom caucus
    Mark Meadows Wants to Take Your State Capitol HostageThe House Freedom Caucus wants to replicate itself and its notorious tactics.
  40. politics
    DeSantis Enlists Litigious Parents for Anti-Woke CrusadeThe governor is pushing a bill modeled after the Texas abortion law that would let parents sue districts that teach critical race theory.
  41. politics
    Schumer Needs to Stop Setting Up Democrats for FailureDems have more work to do on Build Back Better and voting rights, and there’s no imminent due date. So why keep announcing and abandoning deadlines?
  42. politics
    London Breed Is Sick of the ‘Bulls*t That Has Destroyed’ San FranciscoThe San Francisco mayor didn’t mince words when announcing a program to reduce drug overdoses and street crime in the Tenderloin this week.
  43. politics
    Nancy Pelosi Is Wrong About Trading Stocks in CongressPublic office is about service, not self-enrichment.
  44. debt limit
    A Preview of GOP Tactics If They Win the House in 2022If Republicans take at least one chamber, the hostage-taking tactics deployed against Obama are coming back, with additional encouragement from Trump.
  45. 2024 vision
    Democrats Need a Three-Year Plan to Save DemocracyThat means largely abandoning hope for 2022 and preparing to do battle at Armageddon with Trump in 2024.
  46. politics
    Cuomo Is Ordered to Turn Over $5.1 Million From His COVID Book DealLetitia James’s office gets it first.
  47. the national interest
    Donald Trump Revealed Norman Podhoretz for What He Always WasThe neoconservative intellectual cared only about resentment and power.
  48. tornadoes
    Workers Describe Being Trapped by Bosses During Deadly Tornado OutbreakNBC News reports that candlemakers were denied requests to leave ahead of a storm. Meanwhile, Amazon reconsiders its no-phone policy for warehouses.
  49. big lie
    Trump Goes Global With Big Lie Litmus TestForeign leaders like former Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu are being cast as enemies for recognizing the 2020 election results.
  50. religion
    Josh Duggar’s Shame and OursWhy did America fall in love with a family of extremists?
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